Welcome To College Of Agriculture Alumni Association, Kolhapur


Proposed Activities

  • Need based trainings, programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences for the farmers, extension worker, entrepreneurs and other related clientele will be organized throughout the year by the Alumni Association.
  • Necessary technical advice and guidance for the above mentioned programmers and extension activities will be given by the members of the association who are renowned scientists/ experts and authorities in agriculture policies of the state and central government
  • The necessary information/ guidance will be given to the agriculture graduates for employment/ business etc.

Future Plans

  • The Alumni Association will generate and collect the funds through life membership, donations from various organizations, companies, firms, entrepreneurs engaged in agricultural business and allied sectors and also from NRI alumni of the college. The alumni has plans to develop a permanent Alumni Association building to accommodate its office guest house, consultancy rooms training hall etc. by obtaining piece of land on lease base year of 99 year in the College of Agriculture Kolhapur campus.

Praposed Multipurpose Hall for Allimni Members